Afanyekwa na ụfọdụ ndị ọbịa ọhụụ na Tynt


Onye ọ bụla na-achọ ụzọ n'ụzọ zuru ezu leverage ha ọdịnaya, ndị Martech Zone isn't any different. Many of your readers will read your content and then copy and paste snippets to send along to others or embed it into their own posts. Tynt is a service you can easily embed that detects the copy and adds your URL to the content copied. When you paste the content elsewhere… voilà… your content is pasted along with a link back to your site.

Here's a great video explaining Tynt's service:

Tynt speaks to the power of the link with regard to SEO. If someone pastes the content and publishes, you've got a nice link back to your site. I suppose this is okay – but I actually see more value in the fact that a link is provided for readers to click in emails and other locations.

In the last month, Tynt has detected that my content was copied 703 times, and the resulting number of visitors was 4. An additional 330 new links were created for the content – in email clients, browser toolbars, and other documents (not all to the benefit of SEO… but perhaps a few!). These stats aren't enough to go wild over, but it's plenty for this simple service. At the minimum, I love the fact that I'm getting credit when folks copy my content and send it to their network.

Tynt na-enyekwa ụfọdụ nkọwa zuru ezu banyere ọdịnaya depụtaghachiri na mado - nke a nwere ike bụrụ nnukwu uru ka ịmalitere nyocha ihe ọdịnaya gị na saịtị a ma ama. Nwaleenụ onwe gị - detuo ụfọdụ ọdịnaya site na post a ma detuo ya na email.

One last note… I can't remember how I found Tynt… but I'm sure one of my friends or readers told me about it and I forgot who! If it was you… let me know and I'll update this post with some credit.


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