Oge bụ ihe ịma aka maka ndị ọkachamara n'ịzụ ahịa

Chart 1

Nke mbu Zoomerang poll results are in! Time is the biggest challenge for marketing professionals. With the growing demand on marketers to produce content for internal use, web site, blog, social media and more… it's no wonder that time is our biggest challenge. It may also be a symptom of a weak economy where companies aren't hiring the resources necessary to complete the work needed to compete.

Here are the results (exporting a chart was a feature in our sponsor's application – Zoomerang!)
Chart 1

Nke ahụ kwuru, na stats na-enye mpempe ozi ọzọ… enwere ọtụtụ ohere maka ụlọ ọrụ teknụzụ ahịa ịzụlite oge ịchekwa ngwaọrụ nke na-agbanwe usoro anyị. Izu abụọ gara aga ejiri m oge dịkarịsịrị njọ wepụta data sitere na nchịkọta and developing custom reports and dashboards for a client to provide some input on all our search engine optimization work we've accomplished. Tens of thousands of keywords needed sorted, grouped and filtered to see if our efforts were paying off… not a simple task for a human, but absolutely possible for a development firm.

It also makes me wonder if marketers are taking the time to implement automated solutions or they just go the manual route. I can't stand doing the same process twice in a row so I'm always looking for an easier way. Perhaps that's a great topic for an upcoming poll!

This week's poll is a bit deeper. We're curious about the types of social media strategies you're deploying for your company:

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