Google adịgboroja URL Shortener Statistics

ọjọọ ná mgbakọ na mwepụ

Anyị na ndị ahịa nwere nnọkọ na-akpali akpali nchịkọta training and consultation we're doing with their parent company. As part of their ongoing efforts, they distribute QR Codes, append Google Analytics campaign code, then apply the Google URL shortener, na-ekwe ka ha n'ụzọ ziri ezi tụọ usoro nzaghachi nke mbọ ha.

This is a solid strategy. Analytics alone can't provide you with everything you need because of all the applications that distribute links nowadays that don't append referring data to the request. Analytics knows where you came from by web servers telling the next page where the last page was along with all the information on the client. Since apps don't have a web server… they don't pass data. As a result, you'll want to append campaign code to your shortened URLs before distributing them. We just showed how to add Google Analytics mkpọsa koodu nsuso naHootsuite na nso nso a.

All was well with the world until the Marketing Coordinator decided to dig into the Google URL shortener stats a bit more. He simply couldn't get the numbers to come close with what Google Analytics was providing. There are several reasons for this… Google URL Shortener is a pass through service that measures every single click, while Google Analytics is a JavaScript based solution that provides the majority of the data.

Otú ọ dị, ọ chọpụtara ihe dị egwu karị… ọ chọpụtara na Google nwere clicks na-eme tupu e kee njikọ ahụ! Here's proof – directly in's reporting engine:

nsogbu nsogbu URL url

And it didn't happen just once… it's all over the place!
google url shortener ezighi ezi1

It's unfortunate that this data can't be relied upon… but it simply can't be. Through the interface, you can't select date ranges, so Kevin has to manually drag his mouse across the charts to capture dates and clicks to fill out his reporting. I'm surprised that Google doesn't simply incorporate their shortener in with their Analytics and automatically register the campaigns. I'm more surprised, in this day and age where we need to research our site performance, at what a blunder this error is!

Onye ọ bụla maara onye njikwa ngwaahịa na nke nwere ike ịkọwa nke a?

otu okwu

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    Enwere m otu nsogbu ahụ mgbe m gbalịrị ịlele mmetụta nke ọwa ụfọdụ. Anọ m na-elele isiokwu ndị ahụ site na otu Google na forums na blọọgụ ndị ọzọ mana ahụghị m ihe ọ bụla bara uru.

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