Mindọ aka na ntị ndị uwe ojii Garmin

PoliceNke a bụ echiche m ijeri dollar maka ụbọchị ahụ!

What if Garmin (or any of the other auto mapping devices) built in laser/radar detectors along with button to capture someone reporting the location of a speed trap or policeman? That way, before I even get to the speed trap or a guarded intersection, my device warns me before I'm in range. If the laser/radar doesn't pick it up, someone could still report it via the button. The report could be on a timer… only show up if reported within the hour.

I'm not a speeder, but I do find myself getting 1 ticket every 1 or 2 years. With a great driving record, I never get a break. It bothers me because speeding tickets are less about slowing down bad drivers and getting safer and more about raising revenue for the region. That should not be the goal of tickets.

N'ihi ya, m ga-ahụ ụzọ iji zere ha kpamkpam. Ọ bụrụ na m nwere ike ịzụta ngwaọrụ dị ka nke a, m ga-eme ya echi!

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