Onye ọrụ Facebook Facebook

facebook ike onye ọrụ infographic

Today's the day! Facebook will officially be a $100 billion property, skyrocketing the company to the top of the most valuable companies in the United States. Quite honestly, I wouldn't buy a single share if I were in a position to. I may be naive, but I don't think there are enough humans on the Earth to sustain growth enough to recoup the investment with some good profits. I believe they simply waited to long.

But I digress. There's no doubt that, with 900 million members, that Facebook is the big boy on the block. Many companies poorly measure their social media influence by the number of fans they've accumulated. That count doesn't matter one bit… what really matters is how many power users you have within their midst. Power users can have a massive impact on how your message spreads and significantly impact purchasing decisions.

Mee mkpa emepụtawo infographic a na data sitere na Pew Research na Facebook - na-enye ụfọdụ nnukwu data na Ndị Ọrụ Facebook Ike.

Ndị Ọrụ Facebook Ike

Demandforce na-enye onye na-azụ ahịa ihe okike maka obere azụmaahịa. Ndị ahịa na-eji ngwa ha software-dị ka ọrụ rụọ ọrụ iji bulie ego ha na-enweta, na-eme ka ndị ahịa na-alọghachi, ma jikwaa arụmọrụ nke ọma.

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