Gaa Green: 5zọ XNUMX Kwụsị iji CD na DVD

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Dabere na EPA, a na-atụgharị CDs dị nde 5.5, ngwugwu ha na ọtụtụ CD ndị ọzọ na-egwu egwu kwa afọ na-ejegharị. CD na DVD sitere na Aluminom, Gold, Dyes, ihe ndi ozo di iche-ma kariri ihe niile Polycarbonate na Lacquer. Polycarbonate na Lacquer na-eme site na mmanụ.

The stats continue, every month 100,000 pounds of CDs and DVDs go obsolete as well. There's no efficient means of recycling the materials either! According to the Industrylọ ọrụ mmanụ n'onwe ya, ihe dịka galọn 1.1 nke mmanụ ọ bụla (galọn 42) nke mmanụ na-aga na petrochemicals.

Echere m na ọ na-aga n'ekwughị, yabụ, na ịgbanwere igwe ojii na-agbakọ sava emebere and subscribing to Software as a Service applications can actually help the environment. I'm not sure what percentage of a barrel of oil goes into creating of compact discs, but surely we can be a lot more efficient by using USB drives and networks for file sharing instead of burning discs.

Na mgbakwunye na eji the discs, I can't help but think that there's a lot of energy being unnecessarily used to manufacture and transport those discs. Surely swapping bandwidth for plastic will net a positive result for humanity, right? I realize there are ọtụtụ ihe ndị ọzọ that play a larger role, but why doesn't anyone talk about this unnecessary industry?

M na-eche ihe mere eji Software dị ka a Service isn't a key component of Na-aga Green advise to businesses? Terabyte hard drives, USB drives, Online Backups… all of these are readily accessible for anyone to use. No one should be buying CDs and DVDs anymore. I don't even rent movies anymore on DVD, I rent them on my AppleTV!

5 Ebumnuche iji gbochie gị ị Addụ ọgwụ CD gị

  1. Gbanwee na Sọftụwia dị ka Ọrụ. Ihe Nlereanya: Gbanyụọ Microsoft Office maka Google Apps na Microsoft CRM maka Salesforce. Enweghị nrụnye, enweghị nkwado ndabere, enweghị ngwaike… naanị ihe nchọgharị!
  2. iTunes logoGbanwee site na ịgbazite DVD na ịzụta CD CD na nbudata ịzụta Music gị ma ọ bụ mgbazinye Movie na iTunes, AppleTV na ọrụ ndị ọzọ dị mkpa. iTunes nwere ike ichegharị akara ngosi ha!
  3. Switch from backing up and transporting data on CDs and DVDs to USB Drives. USB drives hold more data and are portable, faster, and don't wear out. (Be careful though, not all USB drives are created equal!)Buy yourself a large portable drive for backing up your work and transporting it back and forth to work. I don't go anywhere without my Paspọtụ Digital Western, it's the best investment I've ever made!
  4. Nyefee nnukwu faịlụ na ụlọ ọrụ ndị ọzọ site na ndị na-ere ahịa SaaS dị ka Ntughari, NwXNUMXI, Zipu, MailBigFile, na SendSpace.
  5. Get rid of your CD and DVD drives. When you order your next laptop, don't include one with the purchase. When you order them for your office, save some money and purchase USB drives instead of upgrading your DVD writer. By not having them accessible, you'll be less likely to go and burn that next CD!

In fact, the only reason why I use CDs anymore is for books on CD or to burn music for my drive to and from work. I've been watching prices, though, and I can get a replacement car stereo that has a USB input as well as iPod controls for less than $200! Maybe it's time for me to make the move!


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